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We are the best flooring solution company based in Malaysia.

We can overcome all your flooring problems and meet your needs.

Professional Staff

Our staff are experienced & familiar with problems on site. We can help you solve your flooring problems.

Right Systems

We have the right answer for flooring problems. We have wide flooring solution to any industry.

On Time

We can deliver the product on time & most effective ways, to enable your operations on site are not disrupted.

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We can provide all the 3 types of flooring systems available in world to suit your needs, whether its for workshop, studio, processing plant, factory & many others.

SILIKAL Methyl Methacrylate (MMA)

Floors from SILIKAL are meant for heavy duty floors and surfaces in trade, industry and commerce.
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BC Gard epoxy

BC Gard is an advanced floor protection system fullfilling the high quality requirements of a smooth gloss finish with minimum housekeeping features. BC Gard is solvent free epoxy coating.

BC-Crete polyurethane

BC-Crete MF is self-smoothing thermal shock polyurethane floor coating with matt finish.

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